Startup Sesame Manifesto

Startup Sesame is the largest alliance of events in Europe, helping startups grow with conferences, education and networking.

We believe that creating bridges between ecosystems across Europe will help startups grow faster and prosper, expand their network and break national barriers through connections and collaboration.

Our goal is to provide the most promising entrepreneurs with unparalleled advantages at some of the best tech events and help them become the next European unicorns.


  1. Reach 100 startups accelerated and 1.000 startups registered in 5 years
  2. Get the program fully sponsored including travel and other costs incurred by startups
  3. Involve all major Tech events, in Europe and worldwide
  4. Develop a community of European founders to support Startup Sesame entrepreneurs throughout the year
  5. Create a global alliance of event founders to stimulate collaboration between ecosystems

In the first edition of the program, selected startups get free access to Arctic15, Challengers, Pioneers Festival, Slush, Tech Open Air and Webrazzi.

All event founders are welcome to join this partnership as long as they are willing to:

  1. Provide free and premium access to selected startups
  2. Provide their best perks for free or a very special price
  3. Contribute to the communication of Startup Sesame
  4. Take part in the selection of startups
  5. Respect and support this manifesto and other event founders

I'm an event and I want to join


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