About us

Find out about our mission, story and meet our great team.

Our mission

We believe entrepreneurs can change the world if they attend the right event, at the right time. Startup Sesame was officially launched in June 2015 and is now the largest Tech event acceleration program for startups, counting 35 partner events.

Event acceleration program for startups

Network of Tech events

Turnkey solution for innovation entreprises

Community app for year-long brokerage

Our mission

Get our annual report, tracking 20+ Tech events!

Our story


Invented in Barcelona


Kickoff in London


Founded in Paris


Operating in 20 countries

Tech Events Matter

Over 91% of startup professionals believe Tech events have a positive impact on their business. We share news and ressources so that everyone becomes a Tech insider.

Our team

We’re dedicated to the startup ecosystem, one event at a time.

Ben Costantini
Ben Costantini Co-Founder & CEO

Joanna Kirk
Joanna Kirk Co-Founder

Suzanne Newman
Suzanne Newman COO

Maxime-Jean Guibbert
Maxime-Jean Guibbert Sesamers Lead

Felipe Branco de Andrade Neves
Felipe Branco de Andrade Neves Event Analyst

Sally Tebigui
Sally Tebigui Event Manager & Program Lead

Karolina Nevoina
Karolina Nevoina Communication Lead

Marius Nyquist Pedersen
Marius Nyquist Pedersen Startup Scout

Head Office

Paris, France

15 Rue de Milan
75009 Paris

Phone: +33 (0)6 16 65 74 95
Fax: +33 (0)9 57 24 84 77

Email: info@startupsesame.com