Startup Sesame is the first community of Tech event insiders and the largest alliance of events in Europe, helping startups grow with conferences, education and networking. We believe that creating bridges between ecosystems across Europe will help startups grow faster and prosper, expand their network and break national barriers through connections and collaboration. Our goal is to provide the most promising entrepreneurs with unparalleled advantages at some of the best Tech events and help them become the next European unicorns.

The Community of Sesamers

Startup Sesame is a free event acceleration program for startups selected at the start of each year. Our goal is to foster a sense of community among fellow Sesamers, who are professional event organizers, investors, digital experts, founders and Tech event insiders. It creates no liability and no responsibility between them, nor with Startup Sesame, except for their obligations to allow Startup Sesame to communicate, to register and report in a timely fashion.

To benefit from Startup Sesame’s event acceleration program and become a Sesamer, a startup founder must apply and be accepted by a jury of partner event organizers and selected industry experts.

Partner Events

Once accepted into the annual event acceleration program, each Sesamer will gain access to the following Partner Events:

  • DeepTech:¬†Hello Tomorrow, Robotex, World Summit AI, Pioneers, Slush, Lisbon Investment Summit, infoShare, and more to be announced in 2018.
  • Mobility: Slush, Pioneers Festival, Tech Open Air, 4YFN, EcoMotion, TU Automotive, New Mobility World, Mondial Innovation Forum, Challengers, etc.
  • Entertainment: Slush Music, Pioneers Festival, 4YFN, Tech Open Air, Symposium Stockholm, Leaders Paris, EuropaVox, Sonar+D, etc.
  • Europe: Pioneers Festival, Slush, 4YFN, Tech Open Air, Paris, Arctic 15, Lisbon Investment Summit, TechChill, Pirate Summit, Capital On Stage, Web2Day, Challengers, France Digitale Day, DigitalK, Webrazzi Summit, InfoShare, STHLM Tech Fest, BDL Accelerate, etc

This list is subject to be updated.

Partner Advisors and Investors

Once accepted, each Sesamer will gain access to a network of Partner Advisors and Investors who have accepted to work under the terms of the Startup Sesame Finders Fee Agreement. The decision to work with Partner Advisors or Investors is totally optional and only belong to the Sesamer.

Communication and rules

Sesamers agree to participate in the communication of Startup Sesame and accept that Startup Sesame uses the logo and name of their startups as a reference, on the Startup Sesame website and in Startup Sesame communications. Sesamers also accept to put the Startup Sesame logo on the website of their startups.
Sesamers agree to take part in the selection of new Sesamers.
Sesamers agree to follow the Startup Sesame Rules and Conditions, to respect and support fellow Sesamers and Partner Events that they benefit from throughout the program.
Most importantly, Sesamers agree to register in a timely fashion to the Partner Events, and to report about them, or the Partner Advisors and Investors that they meet.
Please treat every Sesamer with care and attention, in so doing you will receive the same. Last but certainly not least, we believe that these guidelines encourage the Startup Sesame community to continue growing and prospering into the future.

Ben Costantini and the Startup Sesame team