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What is Startup Sesame?

Startup Sesame is the largest alliance of events in Europe, helping startups grow with conferences, education and networking. 

The connections among European digital ecosystems enable startups to push beyond their limits, accelerate their growth and prosper by developing powerful international networks. Startup Sesame is the first program that focuses on these connections and gives the most promising entrepreneurs premium access to some of the most coveted Tech events in Europe and a strong network of mentors from around the world.


European startups with existing revenues and appropriately staffed, looking for international growth or fundraising.


Free passes, free or discounted booth, direct access to startup competitions & speaking opportunities.


Access to a pool of international mentors, valuable feedback on your product & event coaching.


Exposure on social media and press coverage with our partner events.

Our Startups

Discover the amazing sesamers.

Season 2


#Agriculture #Mobile

WeFarm is a peer­to­peer knowledge­sharing platform for small­scale farmers with no internet. Farmers exchange grassroots information and tried and tested solutions directly on their mobile phones by SMS without leaving the farm.


#SexTech #Hardware

MysteryVibe wants to bring more fun into people’s bedroom through a content delivery platform. The user can play the right music, sounds and erotica in his bedroom. The hardware (a vibrator) is used to create a personal arousal map, all based on the pressure and temp of the user’s body’s erogenous zones.


#Notifications #SAAS

OpenBack is a Mobile Application Retention which reinvents how Mobile Applications send notifications to the user, by doing it all locally and directly on the device. By using 30 devices, OpenBack delivers the message to each user even when the App is closed.

#Recruitment #Platform is the easiest way to build a great technical team. Each week, we select a batch of 100 candidates (web/software/hardware developers, QA testers, data scientists,…) and we showcase them on our marketplace. We select only the top 10% of applicants, and we ensure they are good and available. That allows companies to get a whopping 98% response rate when they make an offer, and to recruit their next developer in under 4 weeks.


#Productivity #App

With TOPDOX, the user can access, read, edit, share anything he wants to, anywhere and even offline. TOPDOX permits the user to have access to any Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or Google document, no matter how big or complex are the files.


#Education #Mobile

30minMBA is a mobile learning startup using a proprietary methodology which gives the possibility to the user to learn actionable business skills.

Season 1


#Cloud #Productivity

Zettabox is Europe’s cloud storage and team collaboration tool developed with protection by design to meet the needs of enterprises and large teams, in compliance with the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation. Headquartered in London with their engineering team in Prague, Zettabox is a truly European company.


#SmartHome #Hardware

Ingenious is a plug-and-play connected home product designed to control household appliances and monitor their energy consumption. The center of the system, the IO Box, has the power to control all appliances like TV, sound system or A/C by replacing their remote control. Based in Istanbul, Ingenious is looking to open an office in Amsterdam.

Next call for entries in Fall 2016

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Startup Sesame is one of the best startup programs out there and simply boosts up your visibility. Great mentors, network, free participation at Europe’s greatest events, discounted booths… I definitely recommend to any startup aiming to go internationally.

Burak Adali

CEO, Ingenious

It’s all very simple, but also extremely valuable in my opinion, as (especially first-time) entrepreneurs don’t always know which event will provide the best bangs for their (limited) bucks.

Robin Wauters


Startup Sesame has given us the amazing ability to unlock some of the best networking opportunities in Europe to help Zettabox grow. Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to attend these amazing conferences and meet such influential people.

Alexander Guy

Head of Growth, Zettabox

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